#followfriday - 4 Indigenous Skincare Brands to Follow

#followfriday - 4 Indigenous Skincare Brands to Follow

Indigenous herbs and skincare products have been a major trend in recent years. The ingredients are harvested and foraged by hand, which makes the process more sustainable than conventional methods of herb extraction. By focusing on ancient medicinal practices, these 4 Indigenous brands are redefining how we approach contemporary skincare:


1. Satya Organic 

Satya Organic was founded by a mom whose daughter had eczema. After researching alternative brands, Patrice didn’t have many options, so she researched and developed her own recipe for organic treatment. Satya Organic was born and is an all-natural anti-inflammatory based on herbs with scientific research backing its effectiveness. Her formula uses USDA-certified organic ingredients that are completely steroid free and is proven to relieve pain and relax inflamed skin.

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2. Wildcraft

Next is a Toronto-based skincare line. Laura Whitaker, Founder of Wildcraft, wanted to make high-end skincare products more accessible. After a deep dive into reclaiming her Indigenous roots and customs, her products speak for themselves as a natural-based skin care regime from one generation to the next. Her business was created to inspire representation of Indigenous-made products in the natural skin care sphere. Wildcrafts products are made with ingredients that are organic, cruelty-free, never tested on animals, plant-based, sustainable, and/or socially conscious.

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3. Sister Sky

Sisters of Sister Sky (US-based) began their journey by studying the plant traditions of their culture. They soon found themselves making natural soaps and lotions in their spare time as a weekend hobby. Eventually, they decided to take their venture full-time and started selling their products at local craft shows. Their business grew steadily, and they soon became well-known for their high-quality handmade products. The sisters attribute their success to their grandmothers, who taught them valuable lessons about ancient plant medicine. These lessons allowed them to create products that not only maintained health but also cured illnesses. Today, the sisters continue to spread their knowledge of plant medicine through their business and hope to inspire others to do the same.

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4. Ketahli Beauty

Introducing Ketahli Beauty, an all-natural skincare brand with a unique connection to land. Founded by Latoya, a Noongar woman whose ancestors hail from the Whadjuk, Ballardong and Gnaala Karla Booka peoples, Ketahli's products are derived from the natural resources of Australia. Using only natural, organic preservatives, botanicals, fruits, extracts and oils that are wild harvested and chemical-free. Ketahli's products are some of the purest and most potent skincare available today. With a connection to Australia's rich history and culture, Ketahli Beauty is changing the way we think about natural skincare products.

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