Tansi, My name is Shayla Stonechild. As an Nehiyaw Iskwew (Cree Womxn) from Muscowpetung First Nations, I have always been a catalyst towards Indigenous youth unlocking their full potential. By reclaiming their voices, bodies and spirit that have been silenced and stolen throughout history. There is a shift happening in humanity right now and I believe the arts, meditation, movement and medicine (coming back to an indigenous worldview) is a part of that shift. 

There is strength in numbers. There is also strength in oneness with all creation. Our mission should be to build bridges, not walls; to offer our hands in guidance; rather than turn our backs with indifference. In the true sense of community and connection, what we do for each other helps to uplift the spirits of ALL people.

In a capitalistic, colonialist, patriarchal society where indigenous womxn are often "invisible" or treated less than sharing our stories, meditation, movement and medicine is an act of decolonization and reclamation of my body, my voice, my power and my spirit. So join me on this journey to reconstruct the narrative around what it means to be an indigenous womxn. Hiy Hiy.