#followfriday- 4 Indigenous Beauty Brands to Follow

#followfriday- 4 Indigenous Beauty Brands to Follow

When we feel good in our bodies we are able to walk through life with our heads held high and more willingness to connect with others. While there are many factors that play a role in how we come to love ourselves, personal expression is of the utmost importance. For many people skincare and makeup are wonderful tools for achieving their desired look, one which enhances their natural features and brings them joy. We love to see the endless ways people choose to show up for life and these Indigenous beauty brands are feeding the fire while making their mark through high-quality products and Indigenous representation.

With love for Indigenous communities, each of these brands gives back through programs and donations aimed toward uplifting and healing. Check out these inspiring brands and the beauty they're putting into the world.


Prados Beauty

Prados Beauty is a high quality cosmetics line that aims to present beauty through an Indigenous lens. Selling cosmetics, makeup brushes, lashes, and much more, their products are not only awesome but more importantly, affordable. Their feed is vibrant and creative, featuring amazing and unique make-up looks you won’t see elsewhere. Whether you’re looking for an amped up every day look or to create an artistic masterpiece on your face, Prados Beauty knows no bounds.

Chicana/Indigenous founder and CEO, Cece Meadows, has created art through this line, honouring the Indigenous love of colour and creativity with their products, packaging, and media. Fulfilling the desire for flawless blending for any skin tone and fierce, unapologetic beauty, Prados Beauty keeps us inspired and awe struck.

Prados Beauty recently partnered with renowned artist Steven Paul Judd to create the Matriarch line. This line includes box sets, must-see eyeshadow palettes and cosmetic accessories designed by Steven Paul Judd. This collaboration is all over our wishlists.

Prados shows their commitment to supporting Indigenous communities in their “Prados Promise” which states:  The Prados Promise is our commitment to the community we live in and love. It's more than just a giveback. The Promise is our commitment to put our money, time, and mentorship back into Indigenous communities across Turtle Island.”

We love this.

Follow Prados Beauty on Instagram and check out their website.


Sḵwálwen Botanicals 

Sḵwálwen (skwall - win) is a luxury Indigenous brand creating botanical skin care products. Honouring traditional Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) plant knowledge, the brand is created with the use of sustainably harvested and sourced plants and organic, high quality ingredients. Each product has a Squamish name to honour the place where the related plant knowledge grew from.

The line includes everything from skincare and tea to apparel and giftsets, meeting all your self-care needs. Their products are free of harsh chemicals, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours and parabens, fortifying the skin while exuding opulence.

The earthy feel of their Instagam feed, along with the natural radiance presented throughout, furthers the feel-good experience one has when shopping Sḵwálwen. Giving back is important to founder Leigh Joseph who keeps viewers in the loop about donations made to support Indigenous communities. We adore the organic nature of Sḵwálwen and love to see Indigenous brands actively giving back.

Follow Sḵwálwen Botanicals on Instagram or check out their website.


Sohka Beauty Co.

Sohka Beauty Co. is a luxe Indigenous beauty brand that strives to empower women through beauty dialogue, and collective connections. Founder Denita Gladeau, works in multiple ways to uplift Indigenous people and add beauty to the world, and Sohka Beauty is a reflection of her authentically giving yet strikingly gorgeous qualities.

Sourcing only high-caliber ingredients and materials, Sohka’s lashes will exceed expectations for any occasion or lifestyle. Their body glow oils will not only provide a sheen to your skin, but will promote youthful skin by rehydrating the cell structure. Anti-aging amd 100% vegan, Sohka is a go-to for that rejuvenated, luxuriously nude look.

The sleek design of their products and magnificent colours and textures make for an intriguing Instagram feed, one that we’re dying to reach out and touch. Spotlighting glowy, brown beauties, Sohka celebrates Indigenous allure while satisfying our desire for gorgeous products that elevate how we look and feel.

Follow Sohka on Instagram.

Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty is a high quality, cruelty-free make-up line. Being environmentally conscious is a key pillar of Cheekbone’s business, most notably seen in their signature SUSTAIN line of lipsticks and eye pencils, as well as their Warrior Women liquid lipsticks, all of which are designed for low environmental impact and maximum wearability.

Anishinaabe founder, Jenn Harper is a charismatic delight and her passion for uplifting Indigenous people radiates from her during live streams and interviews. She ensures that Cheekbone uses their platform to give back and address key challenges Indigenous people face. Through one such initiative, Cheekbone directs donations toward closing the educational funding gap experienced by Indigenous youth.

Cheekbone Beauty takes shopping on social media to the next level, offering filters so that anyone can test their range of lipstick shades prior to purchase and from the comfort of their own home. This standout feature adds a fun and unique experience for Instagram users.

Follow Cheekbone Beauty on Instagram and check out their website.

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