Calgary Matriarch Rising Retreat, July 24, 2023

Calgary Matriarch Rising Retreat, July 24, 2023

Monday, July 24, 2023

Venue 308, #110, 308 11TH AVE SE, Calgary

Reflective Overview of Our Recent Retreat

In our transformative retreat held in the heart of nature, we embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery, community engagement, and spiritual awakening.

We opened the day with knowledge keeper Evelyn Good Striker.
The journey began with “7 Teachings Vinyasa” led by Shayna Thomas. Rooted in the Anishinaabe/Nakawe tradition, participants engaged in a 60-minute vinyasa yoga session. This wasn't just a physical endeavor; it was a dive into the 7 Sacred Grandfather Teachings. The session concluded with a poignant sharing circle where everyone reflected upon these teachings, their resonances in our lives, and deliberated on ways to incorporate them more deeply into our daily walk of life.

The energy then shifted with “Visualization and Meditation for our Future Self” facilitated by Shayla Stonechild. Participants were guided into an introspective space, envisioning their future selves. Post-meditation, a journaling session followed, aided by a medicine wheel mapping activity. This exercise aligned our individual aspirations with our broader communities, and eventually, on a global scale.

Chantai Minet introduced us to “Movement Medicine,” a workshop that seamlessly blended the body with the land. Emphasizing the importance of embodiment, participants were taught how to attune and listen to their bodily voices. With the ambiance set by intentionally chosen music, everyone was encouraged to move authentically, exploring and expressing their inner worlds. This was not just a dance; it was a method of healing, a way to access our inner medicines, and an invitation to live differently.

Concluding our transformative day was “Decolonizing Time” by the insightful Larissa Crawford. She shed light on rethinking and reshaping our relationship with time, stepping away from colonized perceptions. This enlightening session was followed by a sharing circle. Here, discussions were centered on incorporating Indigenous values and worldviews in our daily lives.

Looking back, our retreat was not just an event but an experience. An experience of learning, sharing, and evolving, where each workshop complemented the next, guiding participants on a path of enlightenment and self-discovery. We are deeply grateful to our facilitators and participants for making this journey memorable and profound.

 Photography done by Denita Gladeau @lushtre on Instagram

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