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Embracing the knowledge of the generations before them, these Herbalists are changing lives by sharing their plant knowledge to empower...

ceremony followfriday healing health healthy families healthy habits Indigenous Business indigenous entrepreneurs Medicine plant medicine sexual empowerment

Here at Matriarch Movement, we are all about amplifying Indigenous voices and we aren't the only ones. These Indigenous Podcasters...

art aunties aunty laughs authors indigenous authors indigenous community indigenous creativity indigenous literature indigenous podcast indigenous stories native creative rez humour story-telling urban native

With the constant barrage of crises the world has faced in the past couple of years, and the impacts these...

We stand in awe of the amazing people and organizations creating positive change in the lives of our Indigenous kin....

indigenous community indigenous family indigenous innovation native artist story-telling

When we feel good in our bodies we are able to walk through life with our heads held high and...

cosmetics indigenous beauty Indigenous Business makeup

This week on the blog we discussed shadow work, the process through which we can uncover repressed parts of ourselves with...

Breathwork contentcreators cultural revival decolonize followfriday healing mental health self esteem self love shadow work story-telling tiktok wellness

Tattoos are an ancient form of artistry practiced by Indigenous people across the world. Often traditionally signifying achievements, ancestral and...

art cultural revival Indigenous Business indigenous creativity indigenous entrepreneurs indigenous tattoos native artist native creative sacred geometry story-telling tattoos

By Rebekah Elkerton The importance of raising the next generation is incalculable. As Indigenous people we have long let love...

followfriday healing health healthy families indigenous family indigenous parenting

by Rebekah Elkerton As we enter a new cycle it is important for each of us to take stock of...

decolonize followfriday health healthy habits indigenouscuisine nativecuisine wellness

By Rebekah Elkerton This week we highlight artists who bring magic to the mundane, brightening public spaces and Indigenizing our...

art followfriday mural native artist native creative story-telling

These Natives are making us laugh! These 4 comedy content creators give us the medicine of laughter regularly and we...

comedian comedy contentcreators followfriday humour tiktok

By Rebekah Elkerton Expanding on our conversation about wholistic wellness, this week’s feature presents 4 Indigenous wellness advocates, who promote...

fitness followfriday health native creative on the land pow wow wholistic wellness

By Erin Blondeau Refreshing and inspirational––two words that I seem to be repeating lately when I talk about Indigenous joy...


By Erin Blondeau Science has been a predominantly white male discipline. It’s certainly no secret: as we flip through old...


By Erin Blondeau We live in interesting times, whether it be a curse or a gift. All around us, we can...


By Erin Blondeau   The concept of social influencers has come a long way since the disastrous Fyre Festival. I am...


By Erin Blondeau Art has the power to change the world because it can evoke emotions. Art can come in...


By Holliston Logan This week for #followfriday we bring to you 4 Indigenous Matriarchs in Politics - these fierce, outspoken, and...


By Holliston Logan We are back from a brief hiatus with new #followfriday recommendations for you! This week, we are diving...

By Holliston Logan This week for #followfriday we are delighted to be sharing 4 Indigenous clothing brands to follow. If you...


By Holliston Logan Recently, we launched a new Instagram series where our team shares recommendations of Indigenous businesses, artists, and organizations to follow....