Matriarch Rising Retreat Vancouver, July 27 2023

Matriarch Rising Retreat Vancouver, July 27 2023


Thursday, July 27, 2023

STUDIO 2 @ KOU Studios

Reflections on Our Previous Workshops

During our enlightening retreat, we embarked on several transformative journeys led by passionate facilitators.

We opened up the day with knowledge keeper and medicine woman, Ceas Wyss with a beautiful song and teachings. Our first immersive experience was “The teachings of Wind: Breathwork therapy for Generational Healing and Futurism Medicine” presented by Malina Dawn. Malina invited us on a breathwork therapy expedition, shedding light on how one could discover personal and generational healing. Drawing from her indigenous roots and yogic philosophy, she intertwined these paths, providing insights into the profound healing capacities of breath, emphasizing its significance across the medicine wheel: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Participants were advised to come well-hydrated and on an empty stomach. Malina, a queer nehiyaw-ahpihtawikosisān iskwew (Cree Métis woman), skillfully intertwined the realms of indigenous wisdom and yogic knowledge. Through her teachings, she promoted decolonizing wellness, emphasizing the essence of indigenous ways of life for holistic healing.

We then transitioned into a dynamic session titled "Boxing by Ivy Richardson." This wasn't just any boxing class – it was a power-packed session aimed at harnessing and celebrating the intrinsic power of Indigenous women. Ivy seamlessly melded traditional boxing techniques with an empowerment-driven ethos, ensuring that participants left feeling both physically agile and mentally fortified. Ivy, with her Nuxalk and Gusgimukw matrilineal lineage and rich patrilineal heritage, showcased her commitment to wellness through movement, drawing from her extensive background in competitive boxing and community engagement.

Our exploration continued with “Heart Medicine: tending to our Hearts & bodies through returning to the Land” facilitated by Dr. Jacqui Wilkins. Dr. Jacqui beckoned us back to the Land, emphasizing that our connection to it is integral for genuine healing. She elaborated on the dire impacts of colonization, which has sought to sever our ties to the land, ourselves, and our forebears. With a rich tapestry of knowledge encompassing the intersectionality of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness, Dr. Jacqui offered ways to reconnect, emphasizing the significance of Plant kin and the role of tending to our hearts. The session concluded with a rejuvenating Heart Medicine guided meditation, allowing participants to release burdens and embrace authentic love. Dr. Jacqui, an Indigenous Yakama mixed with Irish & Eastern European lineage, shared her deep connection with the Earth and her dedication to sharing Earth-based practices.

Our journey continued with the Four Directions Yoga Flow session led by Shayla Stonechild. For 45 minutes, we immersed ourselves in a hatha vinyasa yoga class suitable for all skill levels. The sequence centered on embracing the medicine of the four directions as depicted in the medicine wheel. This physical and spiritual exploration was followed by a deeply introspective "mother wound" meditation and visualization.

Looking back, these sessions were not just workshops; they were transformative experiences. Every facilitator brought their unique expertise, helping us rediscover forgotten paths, deepen our connections, and explore the myriad ways in which we can heal and grow. It was a privilege to journey with them.


Photography by Denita Gladeau @lushtre on Instagram

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