The Matriarch Movement video podcast marks a new milestone as it embarks on a journey into Treaty 13 territory, Tkaronto, to amplify Indigenous voices bi-weekly across Turtle Island - in person. On the Matriarch Movement podcast, host Shayla Oulette Stonechild shares stories of Indigenous women and two spirit people, from Canada to Turtle Island and beyond.
Through interviews where issues facing Indigenous voices are brought to light, and with portraits that challenge the mainstream narrative around Indigenous identity, Matriarch Movement offers up a new category of Indigenous role models, to inspire the next seven generations. The Matriarch Movement video podcast is dedicated to exploring and celebrating Indigenous women and two spirit voices, with a focus on matriarchy, language revitalization, sustainability, reclamation, and healing through the lens of Indigenous worldviews and storytelling. With a focus on revitalizing Indigenous fashion through wardrobe and setting.


Advocating for Indigenous youth means you need to be tapped into a lot of different sources. For Kairyn Potts (he/him), that means not only being ultra internet-savvy, but also having a personal connection to the system that impacts Indigenous youth on a massive scale: the foster care system. Kairyn is passionate about advocating for young people, and has gained an incredible following on social media for the careful and clever content that he creates around Indigenous issues. Kai is also the co-founder of Neechi Clan, an Indigenous gaming community of over 600 members that is connecting Indigenous young people while advocating for support from big names in the gaming world, like EA.

In this episode, Shayla Stonechild has a very transparent conversation with Kairyn to find out more about what it means to meet Indigenous youth where they’re at, how addiction is impacting them, and what two spirit representations means for decolonization.

Photography by Kikki Gerrard (she/they)

  • Content Warning: This episode has discussions around addiction, suicide, and violence.
  • Matriarch Movement is created and hosted by Shayla Oulette Stonechild and produced by Kattie Laur.
  • Set Assistant by Echo Mcleod.
  • Behind the scenes photography by Kikki Gerrard. Videography and editing by Sara Cornthwaite.
  • Intro music: "Sisters" by Wolf Saga, Chippewa Travellers, David R. Maracle


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