I am not a statistic. We are not a statistic. We are the Matriarch Movement. An online platform, podcast and non-profit focused on amplifying Indigenous women's voices and providing wellness workshops intertwined with meditation, movement and medicine.

Matriarch Movement is a podcast and a non-profit organization that is focused on shifting the mainstream narrative around Indigenous women. We focus on amplifying the voices of Indigenous women through our podcast, social media and interviews.

Reclaiming a Relationship Based Approach

There is strength in numbers. There is also strength in oneness with all creation. Our mission should be to build bridges, not walls; to offer our hands in guidance; rather than turn our backs with indifference. In the true sense of community and connection, what we do for each other helps to uplift the spirits of ALL people."

Matriarch Movement non-profit provides and partners with organizations to facilitate wellness workshops (in person + online) that focus on Indigenous people reclaiming their voice, body and spirit - that have been silenced and stolen throughout history and humanity.

Reclamation & Rememberance.

All proceeds will go back into Matriarch Movement.

With your donation, anything can be made possible with Matriarch Movement,
by curating workshops, sharing other's stories and creating new outlets for youth to feel seen and heard.


Shifting the narrative

around Indigenous women.

Meet The Team

Shayla Stonechild

Founder / Yoga Instructor

Denita Gladeau

Creative Director / Marketing

Holliston Logan

Project Coordinator & Manager

Rebekah Elkerton

Content Writer