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I am not a statistic. We are not a statistic. We are the Matriarch Movement. An online platform, podcast and non-profit focused on amplifying Indigenous women's voices and providing wellness workshops intertwined with meditation, movement and medicine.

Matriarch Movement is a podcast and a non-profit organization that is focused on shifting the mainstream narrative around Indigenous women. We focus on amplifying the voices of Indigenous women through our podcast, social media and interviews.

Reclaiming a Relationship Based Approach

There is strength in numbers. There is also strength in oneness with all creation. Our mission should be to build bridges, not walls; to offer our hands in guidance; rather than turn our backs with indifference. In the true sense of community and connection, what we do for each other helps to uplift the spirits of ALL people."

Matriarch Movement non-profit provides and partners with organizations to facilitate wellness workshops (in person + online) that focus on Indigenous people reclaiming their voice, body and spirit - that have been silenced and stolen throughout history and humanity.

Reclamation & Rememberance.

All proceeds will go back into Matriarch Movement.

With your donation, anything can be made possible with Matriarch Movement,
by curating workshops, sharing other's stories and creating new outlets for youth to feel seen and heard.


Shifting the narrative

around Indigenous women.

Wellness Wednesdays

 by Rebekah Elkerton     The Earth is the most powerful healer we can know. The plants available to us...

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Effective communication is key to the success of any relationship and the well-being of the parties involved. When communication is...

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by Rebekah Elkerton   To be Indigenous is to be accountable to one another and live as part of a...

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by Rebekah Elkerton When developing a new relationship, each of us enters with varying levels of caution. By paying close...

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Matriarch Monday

Celebrating Indigenous Names.

By Erin Blondeau After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) released its final report, Métis entrepreneur Nicole McLaren...


By Erin Blondeau   This episode of Matriarch Movement Podcast features two incredible Indigenous women from so-called Alberta, Chelsea Vowel...


By Erin Blondeau   Though I have never thought about it this way, movement is medicine. When I began researching...


By Erin Blondeau "The waters have a right to exist on their own. The bears have a right to exist...

By Erin Blondeau   “We need you,” Kelly Boutsalis, a freelance journalist, called out to all aspiring Indigenous writers. “There...


Powwow is a time-honored tradition among Indigenous peoples. Other than the known Indian tacos, vendors, stomping grounds for natives to...

Happy Friday, book lovers! Today we're continuing our series on 4 great Indigenous books to read. There are many wonderful...

Indigenous herbs and skincare products have been a major trend in recent years. The ingredients are harvested and foraged by...

Asking questions and seeking knowledge about the rich and diverse cultures and ancestral teachings of Indigenous peoples can be a...

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Meet The Team

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Founder / Yoga Instructor

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