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 by Rebekah Elkerton     The Earth is the most powerful healer we can know. The plants available to us...

decolonize healing health Medicine on the land plant medicine wellness wellnesswednesday wholistic wellness

by Rebekah Elkerton   The relationship we have with ourselves and the comfort we have in our own skin evolves,...

decolonize healing health self esteem self love sex sexual empowerment wellness wellnesswednesday wholistic wellness

by Rebekah Elkerton   Shadow work is the process by which we look inward with the intention of uncovering, understanding,...

ceremony decolonize health healthy habits Medicine mental health self esteem self love shadow work story-telling wellness wellnesswednesday wholistic wellness

by Rebekah Elkerton   Every person needs to feel a sense of belonging to maintain good health. The concept of...

contentcreators decolonize healing healthy habits indigenous creativity story-telling tiktok wellness wellnesswednesday

By Rebekah Elkerton It’s Boxing Week and essentially everywhere we look in the digital space is bombarded with advertisements. Whether...

decolonize finances financial health health healthy habits money management wellness wellnesswednesday wholistic wellness

By Rebekah Elkerton This time of year can feel extra demanding on our time, energy, and psyche. With celebratory gatherings...

boundaries decolonize healing wellness wellnesswednesday wholistic wellness