#followfriday- Four Indigenous YouTubers to Follow

#followfriday- Four Indigenous YouTubers to Follow

With the demand for video content on the rise, Youtube has become an important space for knowledge sharing and storytelling. These Indigenous YouTubers have welcomed us into their worlds, sharing their unique gifts and knowledge. They've introduced us to their families, and given us a glimpse into their many passions and interests. Often expressing their reverence for the land and love of community, they've become leaders in directing the narrative around modern Indigenous experiences. Check out these awesome creators:


Natalie Franklin

Diné vlogger Natalie Franklin invites us along on her adventures as she explores the beauty of nature and enjoys life with her friends and family. She narrates her travel vlogs and videos on the land, sharing her thoughts, stories, and laughter. The joy in her voice is uplighting and her light radiates in each video.

Natalie is a mother and speaks openly about both the vulnerability and gratitude she feels navigating the role and raising her son. Rarely alone in her videos, she reminds us to value friendships and experiences with the ones we love. 

Her Instagram features amazing scenic views, beautiful photography and smiles all around.  We love the rezzy jokes, Native joy , and appreciation for life and the land that Natalie shares across platforms. An advocate for kindness, she says; “If you’re able to make anyone’s day better, don’t even hesitate.”

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Devan Kicknosway

Mohawk YouTuber, quiller, and traditional dancer Devan Kicknosway is a joy to watch. His channel offers an array of videos including everything from family and pow wow vlogs, traditional crafting how-tos, and behind the scenes videos of professional photoshoots. Devan lives life to the fullest and inspires his viewers to do the same.

Kindness and healthy relationships are key to how he navigates the world. Devan’s family videos are heartwarming and fun as he and his partner Ashlee Raining Bird model healthy Indigenous parenting and intergenerational exchange of knowledge and gifts. Living an active lifestyle and finding laughter seemingly everywhere along the way, their family life is never boring. 

Devan is passionate about supporting small business, Indigenous culture, and artists. On Instagram you’ll often catch his Live videos where he chats with other makers. His new instagram show called the Deevo Sho is in the works and one to watch out for. His skillful camera work, adventurous lifestyle, vibrant energy and mixing of traditional and modern ways of life make for an endlessly interesting and enjoyable online experience for his viewers. 

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Veladya Chapman

Veladya Chapman is an Indigenous mama, herbalist, breathworker and online creator. Her platform Earth Mama Medicine is a space for reproductive empowerment, homesteading vlogs, and informative videos about spirituality, nutrition and healing. Veladya’s beautiful energy soothes viewers as she shares her experiences in motherhood and personal growth. Previously a van life youtuber, the diversity of her content is fascinating and motivational.

Veladya is an entrepreneur specializing in natural holistic wellness, selling products such as tinctures and yoni steaming herbs. She’s written multiple affirmation books that are available online. Veladya has a passion for sharing knowledge that aids in healing and alignment. The gorgeous imagery of her Instagram feed and YouTube channel inspire us to look inward and find ways for better living and connection to self. She is open about her learning journey as she works to better understand herself, her body, her role as a mother, and her landbase. 

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Patrick Willie

Patrick Willie is a Navajo YouTuber and champion hoop dancer. While Patrick is a seasoned vlogger, taking us with him on the pow wow trail, in the past 2 years his “Natives React” videos have made waves on Indigenous Youtube.  Him and his friends react to Native memes and TiktToks, laughing and sharing tidbits of cultural context in the process. His videos feature Native creators from all over, placing a spotlight on the vast richness of Indigenous cultures while feeding our love of laughter.

Patrick’s humour and high-spirited nature feels welcoming. His Instagram features vibrant images highlighting his deadlee hoop dancing skills and innovative collaborations. He uses his platform to draw attention to issues impacting Indigenous people, most recently hosting an event about suicide awareness. His big heart and creativity are captivating and inspiring.

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