#followfriday- 4 Indigenous Podcasts to follow

#followfriday- 4 Indigenous Podcasts to follow

Here at Matriarch Movement, we are all about amplifying Indigenous voices and we aren't the only ones. These Indigenous Podcasters are having important conversations about Indigenous experiences and creativity. Speaking on everything from literature, to pop-culture, to the Rez to Urban Native transition, these podcasts are holding space for the telling of important stories. Each is uniquely positioned to speak to the diversity of our interests and perspectives as Indigenous people while openly seeking what unifies us. Check out these 4 awesome Indigenous Podcasts:


Storykeepers Podcast

Hosts Waubgeshig Rice and Jennifer David, talk ‘all things Indigenous books.’ Each episode they welcome a different Indigenous guest host, who is an author or artist, to discuss one book. Together they laugh, tell stories, debate, and discuss.

Waubgeshig Rice is an author and journalist from Wasauksing First Nation on Georgian Bay in Ontario.His novel, Moon of the Crusted Snow, became a national bestseller and received widespread critical acclaim. Jennifer David has worked in the field of Indigenous communications and consulting for 25 years. In 2004, she wrote a book of interviews with Indigenous writers across Canada called  Story Keepers: Coversations with aboriginal Writers, hence the inspiration for the name of this podcast. This powerhouse team of hosts are insightful, creative, and passionate about what they do.

Focusing on the importance of Indigenous literatures, the podcast opens the floor to talk about Indigenous experiences, values, and the many ways Indigenous stories are told. Mainly highlighting works of fiction, listeners are invited to join hosts in reading Indigenous stories and form their own thoughts about each work discussed. 

Guest hosts are featured on the podcast website, presenting an archive of intriguing Indigenous people who have spoken to the importance of Indigenous literatures through their own unique lens. Storykeepers Podcast amplifies Indigenous Storytellers and the narratives that reflect our people and communities. 

Follow them on Instagram, check out their website and listen to the podcast.

Call Her Aunty

“A podcast from two Ojibwe chicks trying to live their best life in the city.”

Hosts Qua Boissoneau and Grace Francisco, both Anishinaabe, speak to an extensive array of topics that impact Indigenous people today. With over 90 episodes available, they’ve addressed just about every topic imaginable including the resurgence of Matriarchal societies, pandemic fitness habits, motherhood as well as Rez life and systemic oppression.  Call Her Aunty, is an amazing resource for all topics in Indigenous womanhood. They’ve welcomed the who's who of Indigenous influencers onto the show for inspiring conversations about their experiences, motivations, and relationship to community.

Quazance Boissoneau is a former varsity athlete and an advocate for Indigenous mental health and physical wellness. She is zealous about advancing Indigenous youth through sport and education. Having met at university, Qua and Grace bonded over their similarities as northern Indigenous women living an urban Indigenous life. Grace is an advocate for body positivity and healthy lifestyles, sharing her lived experiences having Gestational Diabetes.

While they often hit us right in the feels, the Call Her Aunty podcast is full of that contagious Aunty Laughter that we value so much.

Follow them on Instagram and listen to their podcast.


“Just two brown best amigos talking about anything & everything from a Latino & Indigenous perspective.” 

Hosted by Daniel Spaulding  and Javier Gomez Garcia, these old friends will have you feeling like a bestie too. Their laid-back vibes and consistent chuckles make for a fun and relatable listen. 

Javier Gomez Garcia is Mexican-American. As an English and Spanish speaker, he understands the power of words and how humor is essential in bringing communities together. He works hard to create opportunities and remove barriers for all.

Daniel Spaulding is a citizen of the Nimíipúu Nation. He was born and raised on the Rez and has that famous rezzy humor. Daniel is an advocate for positive Indigenous Representation in Media and has worked in radio for 6 years as both Radio Coordinator and a Radio Personality for his Tribe’s FM Radio Station.

Every episode these amigos each share a BrownSound shoutout, highlighting people in their communities who are doing great things and uplighting others. Their genuine respect for those who are healing our communities is palpable.

Daniel and Javier talk family dynamics, friendships and cultural differences, body positivity and toxic masculinity, and much more. We love to see Indigenous men speaking to their experiences and welcoming open conversation about the issues that impact their lives.

Follow them on Instagram and listen to the podcast.



Hosted by Indigenous twin sisters, Kaley and Kara Morrison, Twindigenous explores  the intersection of mainstream pop culture and Native culture. 

Kaley and Kara are enrolled members of the Waccamaw Siouan Tribe and both work as freelance artists of multiple disciplines. The making of Twindignous is a labor of love where these twins chat about their favourite celebs, current events, and Indigenous trials and triumphs. Each episode covers multiple topics as they break down pop culture histories and trends, offering an Indigenized view of what’s going on in the world. 

Twindigenous is informative, interesting, and inspiring. The podcast welcomes intergenerational conversations about Indigenous experiences, inviting their father on the show to talk loss, growing up in the 60s, and fatherhood. Kaley and Kara get vulnerable with listeners as they chat openly about personal struggles with depression/anxiety, the ways in which social media affects them individually and the importance of managing illnesses. They’re open, kind hearted, and optimistic- making for a truly enjoyable and touching listening experience.

These sisters invite you to join them weekly to share in laughter and learn things together.

Follow them on Instagram and listen to the podcast.

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